Our Plan

Bert Training Fund (BTF) regularly reviews its strategic direction to ensure we remain focused on achieving the objects of the fund.

The current strategic plan, developed in 2013 contains the following objectives:


We aim to build a sustainable construction industry where the interests of workers and employers are advanced through continuous skills development. We seek an industry that takes responsibility for its training needs through committed and cooperative action. This includes the promotion and support of jointly managed training programs; industry controlled training facilities and industry owned training providers. Toward that end, we will adopt a consensus based approach to training policy and remain focused on managing an independent, industry led training fund.


By 2016 we aim to be recognised as an integral part of the value chain of the construction industry.


BTF champions progressive values:

Health and safety:

  • We actively care about the wellbeing of each other;
  • We will empower people to work safely;

Integrity and ethics:

  • We are committed to responsibly managing funds under our control;
  • We recognise diversity and fair opportunity are crucial to the business;
  • We treat people with respect and dignity;
  • We actively listen and value the opinions of others


  • We aspire to take on big challenges and commit to seeing them through;
  • We encourage innovation and initiative to drive continuous improvement;
  • We have the courage to challenge and the desire to act
  • We will lead by example


  • We will foster a positive learning environment within our workplace
  • We will promote a continuous learning culture across the industry


  • We respect the trust associated with administration of the funds we control.
  • We will maintain high standards of probity through a commitment to best practice managerial practices.

Success and results

  • We will pursue excellence across all of our activities
  • We will provide a return on investment to our funding providers
  • We seek to improve the industry in which we operate